Sunburn Remedy: Instant Pain Relief and Overnight Healing

Sunburn Remedy: Instant pain relief and overnight healing using common household products! #sunburn #sunburnremedies #painrelief #natural

Summer is quickly approaching, and with that comes long days outside, lounging at the beach, and the inevitable sunburn. Some people are just lucky and usually tan instead of burn, but if you’re anything like me, my pasty white German skin soaks up those rays a little too fast. The beginning of summer is usually torture for my poor skin, as I’m an avid sun lover. Don’t worry I ALWAYS put on my SPF, but sometimes I forget to reapply.

But then there’s days like this last Saturday, when I had no idea I’d actually be getting sun at all! Derik and I participated in a community garage sale and were able to get rid of a bunch of stuff we had laying around the house unused. The thing was, apparently we didn’t get their early enough to set up, because our designated spot was out in the open, with not a single ounce of shade in sight.

We didn’t even think about the sun rays; it was a beautiful day with a cool breeze, and heat/uv issues weren’t something we were concerned about. Well, we should have been. Towards the end of the day I noticed my husband’s shoulders were a little red, but we didn’t realize how much sun we actually soaked up until we arrived back at home (sorry for the crappy quality, we weren’t really focusing on taking an awesome picture as we were focused on our crazy sunburns).

Sunburn Remedy-overnight healing and instant pain relief


It was time to break out the natural sunburn remedies, and hope for happy and successful healing. I’m always blown away by the fact that simple household products can give you better results than using pharmacy prescribed medicine. I used to lifeguard, and was constantly trying to find ways to give my skin a little extra tlc. This little sunburn recipe below has been one of my favorites, and I’m positive I’ll be using it for years to come.


-Apple Cider Vinegar
-A Spray Bottle (optional)
-100% Pure Coconut Oil

Yep. That’s all you need!

Step One (pain relief): Pour 1/4 c. of ACV into the spray bottle, then add a cup of cold water on top of that. Shake the bottle really good to make sure it’s been mixed well. Spray this mixture liberally over your sunburnt skin. Dab the falling drops with a towel, and wait for it to dry. You should feel instant relief from the sunburn sting!

Step One (alternative): Let’s say you don’t have a spray bottle. Just create the ACV mixture in a bowl and dab on your sunburnt skin with a gentle washcloth.

Step Two (healing process): After the Apple Cider Vinegar mix has dried, gently rub  your sunburn with coconut oil. It’ll melt as you rub it in, so have a second towel ready to catch the oil drops. The coconut oil won’t seep into your skin as fast, so you’ll have to go to bed oily. Throw on an old shirt (so the oil doesn’t stain your sheets), and sleep the night away, hoping for some skin healing*!

Sunburn Remedy: Instant Pain Relief and Overnight Healing

BEFORE (right after I applied the treatment)

(AFTER) The next morning!

AFTER (the next morning)

*If you have a really bad sunburn it may take a couple days of treatment. It all depends on how quickly your skin recovers. Every person is different! It only took my husband a day to fully recover, whereas it’s taken me a couple more.

What’s your favorite Sunburn remedy?

  • Stephani Jackson

    So i did try this just an hr ago at 6:00 pm and let me tell u the worst itch possible.. I was seriously going to cry i have tried everything. As i got done w everything, the itch is still there seems better since the coconut oil is bow applied.. Helps but i wont go through the itching like this ever again. I could t stop my muscle convulsions when it started to itch and could stop all the spasms that i had encountered.. I can say it did work to get rid of the sting though and im not so red…

    • Amanda

      Sorry about the itching! Did it happen after putting the vinegar/water solution on? Maybe you needed to dilute your vinegar a bit more?

  • Mae

    Eh tried this.. Saw improvement the next morning when my skin was still oily from the coconut oil.. When the oil actually went away, then the sunburn went back to how it originally was.

    • Amanda

      If you try it again, try rubbing in the coconut oil a bit more and using less? It should be semi-absorbed into your skin after rubbing in. In the morning you should wake up with it at least 90% absorbed…it shouldn’t be sitting on the top of your skin. If that makes sense?

  • SpacelySprocket757

    i need this in my life right now lol,forgot sunscreen on my legs then went tubing down a river that took about an hour to finish ~.~

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  • shawn

    I tried the Vinegar and it worked pretty good. I have an extremely bad burn and it did give me some much needed relief. Once the vinegar dried I used Noxzema which has always worked well for me. Just thought I would leave a comment to let others know that it does work because I know I was miserable maybe it will save someone else a bit of misery.

    • Amanda

      Aw that’s awful! Sorry for your burn! I know most people are a little skeptical about the vinegar, but REALLY it does work well!!!!!!! I don’t know why, but it’s instant relief.

  • Donna Bates

    Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the coconut oil – adds an extra healing punch and smells nice too.

    • Amanda

      Great idea Donna!

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  • Catherine S

    I’m curious, why the need for the water mixed with the vinegar?

    • Donna Bates

      The vinegar without diluting with water would be too concentrated and would burn like crazy !

  • Bad Girl Going Green

    Oh wow!! My grandmother used cold water with a few drops of olive oil, mixing them together until they went creamy white. I will have to try your recipe! x

  • K8tlyn28 .

    Green tea works great on sunburns as well! I’m always open to trying new remedies.

  • Ophélie

    I use whipped up egg whites. It may seem weird but I apply them just before I got to bed. They dry and take the pain away almost instantly. Then I go to bed and, on the next morning, my skin already looks better. Don’t worry it’s wont stain your sheets as it’s dry. You’ll only have to shake the egg white “powder” of your sheets when you wake up.

  • LoveFJ Blogg

    We love coconut oil! We should have known it would help! We will definitely use this saying as summer is just around the corner!

  • Scott Herder

    What? I would have never guessed this. My gf and I just got burned hiking up in Seoraksan, this is good advice for upcoming hikes!

    • Amanda

      Seoraksan is so GORGEOUS!!! When we went it was raining. I’d love to go back! I buy my coconut oil on BTW, haven’t found it in Korea yet!

  • Anna Belle

    I am going to have to remember this! I’m so good with the SPF at the beach, but I always forget in cooler weather, like you!

    • Amanda

      I know it’s so hard! Especially when you’re actively doing something. My poor skin. :/

  • Destiny Barker

    Wow! Those are really great results! I never would have thought about vinegar. I’ve always used potatoes and they work wonders too! Just slice them and place them on the burn, let them sit for a while and they literally soak the heat out. Quick and easy and mostly available everywhere.

    • Amanda

      What in the world?! THis is why I love writing posts like this. You learn the craziest things! I’m going to try potatoes next time just because of you!

  • londonkiwiemma

    Ouch!! Funnily enough, we were just discussing this in the pub the other day. That and using mayo as a hair conditioner.

    • Amanda

      Uh WHAT?! Mayo?! Craziness! I HATE mayo so I’m pretty sure it’d gross me out to use it. lol

  • Kelley @ Move By Yourself

    I’ve never heard of this before. I will definitely try it next time, and I’m sure there will be a next time. Haha. I usually use aloe, but it has to be pure 100%, and that usually works pretty well.

    • Amanda

      Yeah! It’s REALLY hard to find around here, but you’re right it does work well! Someday I will grow my won aloe vera plant!

  • Fintan Corrigan

    Aloe Vera creams are supposed to be very good. Check in with your pharmacy. Also helps from peeling afterwards.

    • Amanda

      The pharmacy has aloe creams, but if I ever use aloe it’s 100%. Creams seem to do nothing for me! Gah. This remedy has been my best bet here in Korea! Id imagine a combination of aloe, vinegar, and coconut oil would be a triple threat to sunburn though!

      • Fintan Corrigan

        Sounds like these 3 ingredients will cool your skin down. Coconut oil is supposed to be very good. And drink some Coconut milk also. It’s great for the brain, I believe.

  • Julie

    I love vinegar for numbing mosquito bites, too. Works almost instantly and shrinks the bite, too.

    • Amanda

      WHAT. I never knew that! What kind of vinegar do you use? Apple Cider or White?

      • Julie

        Yes! I use Apple Cider. Even my husband, who can’t stand the smell of vinegar, uses it on bites because it works so well.

  • Maura

    This is so good to know. I will definitely be keeping all of these things on hand!

    • Amanda

      :) Anytime I can help!

  • Kaelene Spence

    I have never heard of this kind of remedy for a sunburn but it looks like it works wonders!

    • Amanda

      Yeah it’s always surprising what you can find around your kitchen to heal all your ailments!

  • Lifeplus1

    Whoa! This is amazing. Loved the before and after photos. I have very fair skin too. I’m always looking for a quick fix for the sunburn. I’m definitely going to try this next time I burn. x

    V @ Life+1

    • Amanda

      :) And people swear by aloe! But that’s just because they haven’t tried this! I’ve also heard lavender oil is great too…I just haven’t tried it yet!