I don’t use shampoo

>>>>>Three month update and detailed ‘no poo’ tips and tricks listed here.<<<<<

>>>>>No poo FAQ’s here and here!<<<<<

Yes, you read right. I have stopped using shampoo, and conditioner for that matter.

Some people may initially think I’m a hair snob, but trust me (witnessed by those who truly know me) I probably spend the least amount of time with my hair. I also haven’t had a professional hair cut since June of 2010. Say whaaaa?

I Don't Use Shampoo. I've been on the No-Poo train for a year, and I'm not turning back! - A girl's guide to healthier hair.

First of all, I have to say, I’ve been blessed to have strange, care-free hair. I used to have stick straight, straw like hair, but then after getting a perm (one of the best/worst decisions of my life) it’s been slightly curly ever since. I can easily diffuse my hair and fix the random non-curly pieces with my curling iron in under 30 minutes.

I will never spend more then 30-40 minutes on washing, drying, and styling my hair. It’s a waste of time. This hair attitude has worked quite well for me in our country to country traveling…for who knows what certain temperatures, altitudes, and waters can do to hair.

I’ve also frequented the salon-a-la-Derik Grove for the last couple years. I’ve slowly been trying to grow my hair out, so I’ve just had him trim the ends every 4 months or so. Works out well for the both of us. Plus it’s free.

Ok, back to what this post is really about. I’ve recently given up shampoo and conditioner. Before you freak out, hear me out.

In the last couple of years I’ve heard about this new ‘trend’ which involves using absolutely no chemical hair cleansing products and letting your hair basically cleanse itself. Seemed so foreign to me, but the people I’ve heard this from (and  that do this) have the most gorgeous, shiny, grease-free, fly away free, sexy hair I’ve ever seen. That’s when I started to do my research.

I’ve since discovered that:

1. Shampoo is a detergent, and like most detergents, it not only cleans, but it strips everything (including the natural healthy oils that keep your hair soft and strong) out of your hair.

2. The fact from point number one makes your scalp overcompensate for the lack of natural oils, producing too much…and making your hair greasy feeling in a matter of a couple days.

3. Shampoo/Conditioner manufactures love this, because you’ll continually wash your hair every couple days, if not every day, for the rest of your life. Cha ching!

I’ve noticed my hair had been getting greasy tons faster here than back home. I also noticed that shampoo is incredibly more expensive (about $14 dollars a bottle for good old Head & Shoulders). Even though I’m pretty chill about my hair, I couldn’t deal with the fact I had to wash it every day, when my few ‘shampoo free’ friends back home were getting by washing their hair once a week and it looked and smelled perfect.

What the heck?

After googling ‘shampoo-free’ posts for a few hours, I felt comfortable taking the plunge myself. And no, it doesn’t mean I don’t wash my hair.

I use baking soda and vinegar to wash my hair.

Let me tell you (It’s only been a week so far), I LOVE THE RESULTS! Not only is my hair significantly less greasy, it feels tons lighter, shinier, and all around healthier!

It’s so weird stepping out of the shower though and not having that silky feeling of conditioner. Takes me about 5 minutes longer to comb through my hair, but once it’s dry it feels soooo good.

I also bought some Biosilk therapy to help with the detangling process.

What about the smell? I don’t know what it is…but after using the baking soda on your roots and vinegar on the length of your hair, it doesn’t smell like anything when you’re finished. It’s weird. I have some essential oils on order though, just to get that yummy ‘clean’ smell to spray in after the shower.

Ok so what’s up with the process? It’s involves only two steps.


Baking Soda
Vinegar (White or Apple are fine)

Put one tablespoon of baking soda into a squeeze top bottle along with one cup of water. Shake until the baking soda is dissolved.

Combine 2 tablespoons of vinegar and a cup of water in a spray bottle. Shake.

What you do: Thoroughly rinse your hair with water. Add the baking soda mixture to your roots and massage thoroughly. You’ll notice a slightly slimy feel…kind of like shampoo. The baking soda breaks up any sort of residue buildup you may have from hairspray or other hair products. Thoroughly rinse the baking soda out of your hair.

Then spray in the vinegar mix through the length of your hair, paying special attention to your ends. Keep it in your hair throughout your shower until you’re about to get out.

Once finished add any sort of essential oils (or a slight bit of coconut oil) for an added amount of moisture and shine.

So far I’ve noticed I can go about 3 days between washings, but I know once my hair gets used to this I’ll be able to go longer! One of my friends uses just water for most of her washings, and does the baking soda/vinegar once every other week.

I’ve heard everyone has different results initially with this process. Some experience dry-haylike hair, some experience static-y and thin hair, and others experience greasy hair. It’s a transition to get to how your hair is supposed to be, with your natural oils. You can change the amount of baking soda and vinegar you use to change your results as well.

I’ve also learned I can use cornstarch as a natural dry shampoo for my blonde hair! I haven’t had greasy hair at all ( I guess some people have different results in their ‘transition’ process…and get a little greasy). If you have brown hair, a little cocoa powder does the same! Just apply a little ‘dusting’ to your roots and brush through.

Still not convinced? Yeah, maybe it’s not for everyone, but I’m not the only one excited about this! Check out these great blog posts about the topic written by a few wonderful and well-spoken ladies!

-Leah with ‘No Poo’ (The most well-written article about ‘No Shampoo’ that I’ve found!)
-Tsh with ‘How to Wash Your Hair With No Shampoo’
-The Hairpin with ‘How to Quit Shampoo Without Becoming Discusting’

Check it out…my hair looks ‘normal’ right?!

A girls guide to healthier hair by not using shampoo.

Have your tried ‘No Shampoo’ before? How were your results?

>>>After three months my hair looks like this!<<<

>>>ONE YEAR of no-poo. The results, and the continuation of a healthy journey.<<<

Due to the high amount of comments and questions I have received on this post, I have written a couple of FAQ posts here and here addressing some of your questions and concerns. PLEASE read it to see if I’ve already addressed your question. I get a high number of duplicates each week…and I want to make sure I help all of you! If I haven’t answered your question in a post, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below! I’m always on the look out for new FAQ material! 

  • Ruba Qadoumie

    Hi. When you use essential oil do you wash it afterwards or leave it on your hair?

  • https://purelightbotanics.com Catherin Daiz

    I always love to use natural hair conditioner. If I use your recipe, do I need use conditioner anymore.

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  • Pingback: {Wash hair w baking soda and vinegar. My hair has grown a ridiculous amount and is now the longest its ever been. It also takes 4 days for it to even get SLIGHTLY greasy, where as before it would start getting greasy in less than 18 hours. I will NEVER go()

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  • Chris

    The basic idea behind the vinegar rinse is to soften the hair by using the vinegar acid to get rid of lime deposits from hard water. It leaves hair really soft and as soon as your hair dries there is no vinegar smell…just like when you use vinegar as a natural home cleaner. Once it dries the vinegar smell is gone.

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  • piperchappi

    try the Shielo Volume Shampoo – it alot of the oil out, but still leave moisture in your hair + it has biotin…

  • http://chee-sy.tumblr.com Simone

    I have also tried this but instead of vinegar I used the juice of a lemon, as I can’t stand the smell of vinegar. It works just as well, too! :)

  • Eileen

    Slippery elm bark and boiled marshmallow root conditioner…. Trust me : ) look it up!

  • http://svenjalivesherdream.blogspot.de Svenja

    Thank you for tho post! Let’s face it, not using shampoo sounds really weird at the beginning. But the further I got into your post, the more interested I got about the topic. I might actually switch tu this method myself as I’ve had quite greasy hair for quite some time now.

  • KellyJo

    I have been doing the baking soda-vinegar cleansing for almost 2 years now. I will never go back to shampoo.
    My hair is so soft and healthy. I get comments all the time about my hair…
    :) :) :)

    • Martin Robertson

      You don’t need baking soda, vinegar or anything except water. After a week or so you hair will not look greasy any longer as it will now be naturally regulated. Shampoos (and the acid in vinegar) prompt the scalp to produce to overcompensate with oils to make up for the oils lost by using them. I have used nothing but water for about five years now. I’ll never go back to wasting good money on shampoo.

  • Janel

    I am losing my hair, slowly thinning, do you think if I do the no poo will help slow the thinning. I get acne on my scalp, im thinking changeing the environment of my scalp may help.

    • Jackie

      The build up you would get in your pores from skin cells and oils may actually cause you to thin faster.

  • Lorna

    I am so going to try this! my hair tends to start looking greasy the day after it being washed but i tend to wash it two days later. i have a couple of questions though, i get dry scalp due to having ezcema so could i use tea tree oil on it? also how does it come out when blow dried? i am definitely going to try the cornstarch too!

  • Linda

    I just happen to stumble on this right before I washed my hair last night and thought I would give it a try. I have frizzy ,curly,wavy straw-like hair. My hair seems to get oily within 24 hours of being washed. And I hate washing my hair everyday!!! I usually use baking soda every so often with my normal shampoo to help get the hairspray build up out. I also stopped using conditioner about 2 yrs ago because it wouldn’t rinse out of my hair very well and it would be so greasy!! But last night I decided to use just the baking soda by itself. I did not use the vinegar. I also try to always wash my hair before bed to let it air dry at night! I don’t like to blow dry. So when I got out of the shower last night it did feel a little bit more dry than usual, but I was determined to not put anything else in it. When I woke up today it was CRAZY!! But I fixed it with a curling iron like I always do and it is now 24 hours since I washed it and it still looks great!!

  • aizmel

    so it stinks? no way i will try that :(

    • Sammy

      It doesn’t stink…As all the chemicals and buildup has gone the smalls have nothing to cling too and it honestly does not have a smell

  • Jason Chan

    The baking soda serves as clarifying shampoo. This is great and will try this out myself. I loved the “after” photo and your hair looks great!


  • Lindsey Beard

    This is my first time! Excited for this adventure! Only question is the baking soda supposed to be watery or pasty? I felt like I didn’t know how much to add? Also, I’m going to feature this on my blog is that OK?

  • Riya Raj

    Nice tips one more i will add too it ….Conditioning your hair with egg and henna will make them strong and shiny. Hair transplant in mumbai

  • Gianna

    I just tried the BS for the first time last night after an extremely sweaty workout. I am really amazed by how my hair feels exactly as clean as when I shampoo normally. I did not do the ACV yet, I got scared and used regular conditioner. (my hair is bleached platinum, straight, fine, and 2ft long, so I’m always worried about it not getting enough moisture.) however, after seeing that the BS have any weird result, I will go full on no-poo tonight post workout!
    P.S. I put about 4 drops of grapefruit essential oil into the BS mixture and it made it really nice aromatherapy experience. Although tonight, I’m going to add it to the vinegar instead, I think it will make the transition smoother, because the vinegar smell is a little daunting to those who are used to super perfumey hair products. (my husband hates vinegar! lol) (Also I read a study that when women were wearing a grapefruit scent, men guessed their ages to be much lower than other scents, random tidbit for ya) overall I’m super excited I don’t have to buy expensive chemically shampoo anymore. One more beauty product greenified, about 20 more to go :)

  • Mia

    30-40 minutes is a long time as it is to work on hair! I spend that much in full – including my shower, getting dressed, make-up and hair.

  • http://www.thefreshveg.com/ Stephanie Oswald

    I’ve been doing the no poo method for about a month now using the baking soda and apple cider vinegar and i love it! my transitioning period was so short and now my hair is growing super fast, is super soft and is silky. It was a bit frizzy at first weirdly but has smoothed right out. I tried the no poo method last year but did not do it properly (didn’t think you used anything to wash and was just rinsing and my scalp got little bumps all over) and stopped but i am so glad i did more research and decided to give it a proper go.

  • Meagan

    I have read that the baking soda can reverse or relax a perm. I just got a perm and I do not want it to wash out or relax quickly as it was expensive. Any info on that? thanks!

  • Kelsey Dirks

    This may sound silly but do you still condition after each use ?

    • Sammy

      No…It will eventually become smooth as your scalp starts to make the right amount of oil and the reduction of chemicals will mean that the oils can actually make there way down to your ends!

  • Bindi

    Hi Amanda, your hair looks fabulous! I get grey hairs so if I colour my hair can I then wash and condition it using BS & ACV? I’m really keen to try this no poo method as I’m trying to eliminate chemicals from my beauty regime and also my hair gets greasy and limp just one day after washing. Scared about how long the transition period will last though!

  • Nicole

    My hair goes both greasy and dry also its thin, which is pretty unlucky really…

    I want to try no shampoo but don’t want to have to have greasy and dandruff everyday for school can you prevent this at all or do you just have stick with it?

  • nephew

    Hey I use just water but I prefer water from a bottle like smart water or whole foods water just water with electrolytes and it’s good for face as well.ever since using this method my hair stopped thinning and much healthier! every now and then I’ll wash with yucca root which is natural! I heard of elders from the south wash hair with rain water as well. My barber see a great difference in hair when I gave up on shampoo! the hardest part was throwing away the good stuff like kiehls I’m going to miss

  • Skkorm

    Ive done this recently and holy did it make a huge difference. I have really thick and coarse hair, and have always had problems with it being dry and frizzy. All those serums and shampoos claiming to smooth frizzy hair? Those are total bullshit haha I know first hand. But I heard of this, tried it, havent looked back. Greatest thing I ever did.

  • Abby Herbrand

    I have just started this and my hair feels terrible and is very ratty. I cannot run my fingers through it at all. It’s hard to even style at this point. I am hoping this feeling goes away after my hair gets used to this, because at this rate I am hating the results. Also, my mixture of baking soda when used doesn’t produce a slimy effect in my hair like you say it should…is there something I am doing wrong?

  • Becca G

    So I have just recently discovered your “no-poo” adventure and it only took me a year but I am seriously considering trying this! I feel like my hair gets so greasy after just one day and I hate it! I can’t wait to start looking more in to this and hopefully trying it!

  • http://www.facebok.com/amandamarielynn Amanda Lynn

    I heard about this trend and my first thought? “Disgusting!” But now that I’ve read about it I want to try it out. I have tons of health issues and am moving to South Asia with my husband and think maybe a full body cleansing is in order. This page gave me the links and ideas I needed. Thanks for writing!

  • Christina

    I just made both the baking soda mixture and apple cider mixture.. do you pour the entire thing of both for each wash? or can I save some for the next time I wash my hair?

  • Savannah

    I just got out of shower and my hair doesn’t feel any cleaner and it’s a bit dry and tuff to brush.., did anyone else have this problem?

    • Kelsey

      Yes I am having this problem, but I have read that this is just part of the ‘transistion’ process and will go away soon.

  • Ali Roffey

    I’m a diver and I train 2.5hours in the pool 4 times a week will this help and if not what can I do?

    • Sammy

      Wear a swimming cap to the pools as the chemicals will strip it (make it dry) and your scalp will go in to panic mode and start producing more oil (this results in oily up top and dry ends). As for working out, your hair is telling you something if it is oily, frizzy, dry, thin or whatever. Honestly just give it a go…If you have to do it every night for a week, then just do it. Eventually your scalp will re-calibrate itself!

  • disqus_Ql7cWaZPUR

    Hi I’ve only just started with the no poo method about a week ago. I keep reading people saying how great their hair feels but mine is awful like thus weird mix of greasy dirty but straw like at the same time. I’ve followed what the steps say to do and am just not sure what I’m doing wrong? The only thing I can think is that I normally wash my hair then blow dry and sometimes straighten it so could this possibly be having a negative effect? Is it ok the blow dry your hair when going no poo? Sometimes I need to get to work so don’t have time to letmtnsry naturally. Thanks for your help and advice!!

  • Caitlyn Nalley

    Okay, so my hair type is basically ultra frizzy, curly, and tangled. I have been going “no poo” for a while, but it made things worse. my hair was more tangled and oily. and I hate oily hair. I was originally looking for something on google that would help me with my frizzies and this is what came up. got any advice for me?

    • Samantha Mault

      lol i’m going no poo as well, but luckily i have straight, short hair. my sister, however, has a bit of a fro, and she said to say this: lemon juice will only frizz up your hair because of it’s acid. so don’t use home remidies like juice/vineger or stuff like that. Don’t use ‘natural oils’ and stuff like that because it will make your hair overcompensate and get even MORE oily. Rub a little baking soda from roots to tips when rinsing, or use some conditioner mixed with peppermint tea to calm the hair follicles. See if it helps!

  • Melissa Danieli

    I absolutely love your blog! Thinking about trying this no poo thing!!

  • Lisandra Morales

    Do you have any advice on how to make your hair grow?

  • Lisandra Morales

    is your hair natural blonde or did u dye it ? would it work if u dyed your hair ? #yourhairlooksgreat

  • Najihah Nasir

    Hi, I have dry, brittle hair, mainly all the problems you can think of, i have them =(…I haven’t been using any shampoos for a week, mainly just honey water and tea rinse. My hair kinda feels oily and heavy. Is this the transition period i have been hearing so much about? Before the honey rinse, i used apple cider vinegar for 3 days in a row and thank goodness, my dandruff is all gone! so i continued with the natural remedies but yeah, my hair is so oily and heavy. Help =(

  • Charlene Thrower

    I just found this post on Pinterest today. This whole week I’ve been complaining that my hair seems heavy and gets greasy a lot more quickly than it used to. I’m trying this tonight, hope it works! Thanks for your awesome post and FAQ posts as well.

  • marie

    Hi, my hair is dry brittle thin and falling out, or breaking. What should I do.

  • Skylar James

    About 2 years ago my hair started to get greasy every day or so; I have extremely thick, course, long curly hair. Washing my hair is a task and a half; one day decided to decrease the the amount of which I wash my hair. Fast forward to now, I wash my hair once a week and use dry shampoo every now and again (when I have it!). My hair no longer gets greasy, doesn’t smell and has grow even longer and thicker! I want to transition into using just natural incidence to wash my hair as I feel the chemicals in shampoo are too aggressive for the fragility of the hair structure. Thankyou for this article! I’m not entirely sure on how good vinegar would be for my hair as it’s acidic but I like the idea of finding something more natural to wash with! (Any idea’s or different cultural remedies would be appreciate!) I use olive oil a lot.

  • rache emph

    I tried this for about a week and a half and tried messing with the measurements and everything. Itbwas disgusting and greasy this morning and I had just washed it last night. I couldnt even run my fingers through it and it was at my roots where all this was. I finally gave in and used shampoo after trying to rinse it out multiple times. I wouldnt reccommend this to anyone.

    • Kelly

      I’ve recently been using baking soda and it works amazingly well but I don’t dilute it at all. I have fine hair but lots of it and its very long. Try getting the feezer kind of baking soda(its finer granulation) and take about 1/2 cup into the shower. Put it off to the side so it doesn’t get wet and get your hair really wet first and then gradually add baking soda to the roots a little at time, working it in all over scalp then on to the ends. You will be able to tell when its throughly worked thru b/c it will feel like sand all over. It will take longer to work it through because it doesn’t lather like shampoo but the results are well worth it! I’m shocked at how amazing my hair feels(its been six weeks)and I only have to wash once or twice a week.I have bangs so I wash just my bangs in the sink in between washings if I have to. You may want to try again and see if you get better results without diluting the baking soda. Goodluck!

  • Chloe

    Hi just wondering if you wet your hair between washes?

  • Miranda

    Is it normal that after I started this process my hair became itchy and flaky? I have NEVER had this problems before and its driving me nuts! ive been doing no poo now for about two to three months.

  • Michaele Alyne Coburn

    Hi my name is michelle I have tried the no shampoo before but my head became very itchy what can i do to prevent this from happening? Also I was using just no sulfate conditioner only when washing my hair, not this method your recommending any suggestions for me ? thanks~ michelle

  • Tara Freberg

    Last night was my first time going poo free! I was so afraid I was going to be a greasy mess but so far my hair is extremely dry but oilier towards the roots. I’ve used jojoba oil in the shower for quite some time now and tried that after the baking soda/vinegar and it hasn’t seemed to touch the straw like feeling my hair has. I also use chi serum and/or Paul Mitchell super skinny serum as well, and it helps a little bit. I guess I’m going to have to get used to the feeling? Also, is an itchy scalp normal?

  • Tracy McPherson

    Have you tried adding the essential oils to the baking soda mixture instead of spraying on your hair later? There are some wonderful EO’s that help with the transition from shampoo to no-poo. Rosemary and Lavender are good for scalp stimulation which helps grow healthy hair. Great blog and I love the look of your hair. Will be trying the no-poo this week. :) Since my hair is short it shouldn’t go through much of a transition.

  • http://shannonlynn.athome.com/home.html Shannon D

    I’ve been a fan of the No-Poo movement for years. I started out using Wen, and I loved the stuff, but it’s not for the average Joe’s budget, and I also found that what they said was a 30 day supply was NOT actually a 30 day supply at all, which made it even worse for my budget. I switched to Deva Curl earlier this year, and it was really great, and much easier on the budget, but I didn’t get those dreamy curls I’ve been longing for. I do love their “Set It Free” leave in spray. It’s AMAZING!

    OK, let me back the truck up a sec. I have naturally curly hair, and it’s fine and thinning. The curls are ringlets about the size of what it might look like if you spiraled my hair around a pencil, straw, and even a sharpie, and they’re tight. My hair is about down to just above my bra strap when it’s damp and combed straight. When it’s dry, it’s up near my chin, and just below it. If I straighten my hair at home, with a normal straightener, it’s dull and frizzy looking on the ends. If I use a high end straightener, it’s better, but it doesn’t stay straight. The least bit of humidity, or even my body sweat, or just time in general will show the waves coming back, and then a full on curl. Even professionally straightened hair doesn’t last on me. It’s also so thin that it just looks gross to me, so I gave that dream up and decided to embrace my curls.

    Now that I’ve run across this post, I’m optimistic. I started out very skeptical, but then figured I might as well give it a shot. Right? I mean, what’s the worst thing that could happen? It looks like crap and I go back to normal shampoo. That’s what. We’ll see tomorrow!

    I had all the stuff on hand. I live with coconut on my bedside table, for my dry skin, in my bathroom for my hair and face, and in my kitchen, for internal use. Anyway, I decided to give it a try since I had everything, and I’m doing it before I go to bed so if it’s hideous in the morning, I can still shower again and wash my hair again.

    The reason I said I’m optimistic is because after the first wash, it felt like all the junk had been stripped out of my hair. My scalp is extremely oily, and I have to wash daily. However, the ends are unmanageable, so I have to condition, too. They’re not dry at all, but they look it. So unattractive! But, I digress. So after the first wash, then the vinegar rinse, then rinsing before I stepped out of the shower, and I could feel a difference in my scalp and hair. It felt amazing. I’ve just put a dab of coconut oil on my hair, which I often do anyway, so that was nothing new. It still feels amazing.

    I have cocoa powder, so I may dab that on tomorrow morning, assuming my scalp doesn’t look like an oil spill! :) I’m excited to report my results back here, and will experiment with it, if necessary. At this point, I’ve decided to mix 2 T of baking soda with 1 C of water, and then followed your advice of 2 n 1 with the vinegar. I figure that’d be easiest for me to remember at first… 2 n 1 and 2 n 1.

    • Tracy McPherson

      I just tried the no poo today and my hair has never looked or felt better. I have really short hair as you know and this is perfect for me. My hair usually felt heavy after washing it but today it felt light, airy, and oh so soft. I also used alkaline water instead and added some lime essential oil. I love no poo!

  • Liz Kashuba

    I haven’t tried this yet, but I want to. I love the dry shampoo you mention though. I have been using it for several weeks and wrote a blogpost about it and linked your post on my post. You can check it out here http://sunshineanddryshampoo.blogspot.com/ Thanks!

  • katelyn

    I currently colored my hair…will this strip the color from my hair?

    • Katherine

      No! In fact, it will help your hair.
      I went this method:
      I used to use sulfate shampoos and silicone conditioners, then for a year I went to non-sulfate and non-silicone (it made a HUGE difference on my curly hair. Soft, shiny, no frizz whatsoever. Non-sulfate and non-silicone are the types of shampoos and confitioners that stylists recommend for dyed hair. If you look at ingredients on the “for dyed/color damaged hair” lists on those shampoos, they have no sulfate, because sulfate is what is stripping the color from your hair, because it’s a detergent)
      and I’m a week into no poo. Still greasy, but my hair doesn’t look gross at all. It just feels gross.

    • disqus_E8xuky2TBq

      baking soda and vinegar will both strip your hair of its color. the pH levels are too extreme.

  • Rikki

    I’m thinking about trying this and I was wondering if you should mix the ingredients right before you shower or even a day before to get the best benefits, or does it matter when you mix them?

  • Debbie Thrailkill

    I started doing the no poo thing about a month ago and I love it. I feel like I am still in the transition period because my hair is still pretty greasy by day 3 but I put on a hat for the next 2-3 days. I am aiming to only wash only once a week. How have you extended your wash times? Do you just add on another day randomly and just not wash for 4 days, and does it get easier as the time periods extend between washings? I honestly believe that in the last month my hair has grown at least an inch and a half! I have a recipe for a deep conditioning mask if you want to post it here, but it must be used sparingly otherwise your hair will be super duper greasy! Its one egg yolk, tablespoon of coconut oil and honey(maybe a teaspoon). Then mix it up apply to your tips and avoid your roots at all costs(grease ball waiting to happen), rinse with warm to hot water. Don’t use the entire mixture I did and it was horrible, only use half and toss the rest. My hair feels like silk! I have sworn off regular shampoo and I will never go back. Thanks for all the tips you have listed, your blog so far, is the most helpful!

  • corrigan

    hey im 14 my hair is short(just above the shoulder ) and it always has been this length for about 4 years now without really growing xx will this method work becauase starigten my hair everday than curl my fringe and ends
    because my hair has no volume and i only was my hair like every 3 days now anyway andit still doesnt grow
    btw my hair is very fine and straw like

  • Jessiee Vaughn

    This remedy ruined my hair. I tried it 3days ago and have put so much conditioner in my hair since and still its not normal it feels fried. I have been working months on getting my fried hair normal and now it back to looking and feeling fried. I don’t reccomend this remedy at all.

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      Do you heat treat your hair every day? What amounts of solution were you putting it in your hair? It takes a good week or two to get the right formula that best suits your hair. You’re not going to get healthy hair by trying this one time. :)
      If you have dry/fried hair I suggest doing a honey and aloe mask. It’ll add moisture back into your hair! Sorry you had a bad experience.

  • Carly Dixon

    Do you have any comments referring to the WEN hair product? I’ve been using it for about a year now, It’s supposed to not strip your hair unlike shampoos and conditioners..

  • Jessiee Vaughn

    So I tottaly tries this and Im prettt sure I did something wrong.. this Is the first day and my hair feels really dry and it feels unwashed and I can go almost 3days with out washing my hair in the first place..

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      Sorry I didn’t reply to this comment sooner. I was on a long vacation to Malaysia. I responded to your later comment! Could have been the mixture you were using? Because you can go almost three days already without having to wash your hair, you may need to decrease the amount of baking soda you are using. Your scalp may not need that much.

  • Taylor Scott

    I’ve bee trying to grow my hair out, so just wondering how long has your hair grown?:)

  • Samantha Hurst

    It is okay, to use a 3 minute miracle conditioner while doing this, I just recently dyed my hair and my ends feel like hay, and I always use the conditioner after I dye my hair.

  • Irina

    Can I switch it up by using this “No Shampoo” method every other wash? So switching from regular shampoo to “No Shampoo” to regular, and vice versa. I have medium thick curly hair that I only wash every 3-4 days for years now. It works well for me but I want to try this method too, I just don’t wanna completely turn over to the
    “dark side” :)

  • Julie

    Trying this tomorrow!! I’ll do almost anything to speed up my hair growth. This blog has inspired me. Thank you!!

  • Kayla Kratz

    I want to try this! My hair is super fine and has no volume or anything to it and I am wanting to grow it back out. Right now I only use Shampoo because my hair was too oily with conditioner. But my problem is that I am runner so I’m a daily washer and dryer. So would this system be okay for me if I did it every other day? What would you suggest?

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      I wrote about this in my first FAQ post (http://livinginanotherlanguage.com/blog/2013/06/14/no-poo-frequently-asked-questions/). Baking soda isn’t good if you use it every day…I’d suggest freshening up with hot water and vinegar, and ONLY washing when your hair feels greasy. At first you may be washing every two days, but then see how far you can stretch it out! I work out 5 days a week doing beach body workouts (Insanity, T25,) or running.

  • Emily Anderson

    I have on and off issues with dry scalp and I am wondering the no-shampoo process would hurt, help, or do nothing for it? If it doesn’t help, have you come across any solutions for dry scalp without having to use a special dandruff shampoo?

    Also, I am a little confused about the purpose of using any essential oils. Is it necessary to get the same feeling as having used shampoo and conditioner? I currently use Moroccan Oil on occasion for added smoothness and as a heat protectant. Is that the kind of oil you are talking about? Thanks!

    • Kayli-Ellen

      I stopped using shampoo on the 13th July this year, I never previously had problems with a dandruff but since going poo free I have seen a lot in my hair. I read about it on other blogs for going poo free and someone suggested using aloe Vera gel. It works really well! I whenever I see my hair getting lots of white chunks in I massage in aloe Vera gel, leave it over night and then wash it out in the morning using bicarbonate of soda. It works really well and keeps me flakes free for about a week. Apparently dandruff isn’t just to do with having a dry scalp, it also collects the rubbish and excess grease that builds up on your hair. Apparently it will go after a while, but at the moment my hair is still over compensating itself on grease! Hope this helps! :)

  • Cassandra Lacourse

    Are you using the full mixture each time?

  • Esther

    Hey! I just started using it last night and maybe cause I’m just really bad at this kind of thing, but it was pretty much impossible to comb out my hair. It’s medium long and curly it took like 15 minutes and then I just gave in an used some leave in conditioner to kind of smooth things over. Also is it normal for it feel dry kind of at the roots where the baking soda was put? It just kind of makes my head dry, I was just wondering if that was normal..

  • Sarah Fynaardt

    How long is the transition period? I have stretched out my shampoo washes to every 4-5 days and am starting today with no poo! So excited!

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      Hey Sarah, I can’t give you an exact number because every one has a different transition! Sounds like you may be ok since you don’t wash your hair everyday anyway! Let me know if you have any more questions!

  • A. W.

    I have colored hair, will it fade my color?

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      Hello A.W.
      You’ll be fine with colored hair. Some women equate doing no-poo to using regular shampoo instead of color safe while having dyed hair. Others thinks no-poo works better. I haven’t heard or seen a single complaint about no-poo stripping color from your hair. :)

  • Becky

    Hi Amanda, I was inspired to try this and started today! I already love it, my hair already feels and looks better! I have a question, I get my hair colored professionally and want to keep doing so. When I go to the salon to I “be that girl” and ask my totally awesome hairdresser to wash with the BS and vinegar? If I don’t will the shampoo she uses strip my hair enough to make me have to start all over with balancing my scalp and oils?

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      HAha! I’ve actually answered this question numerous times. Ask for a sulfate/silicone free shampoo. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people out there allergic to silicone! The shampoo they will be using on you will be natural enough. One shampoo won’t set you back too much! You may notice that week of washings to be a bit ‘wonky’ with your normal time schedule, but after that one week you’ll be fine!

  • Dawn Sherwood

    My hair is board strait too…I was wondering what you love hate about your perm, I was thinking of getting one gor some body

    • Amanda

      I got my perm when I was 16… I would never get one again. Obviously it’s grown out by now… But the reason why I got it was because it was straight! It absolutely destroyed my hair and left it dry, breaking, and just all around gross. During the time I had my perm I had my hair up 90 percent of the time. I hated it! I love my hair post perm… But during it my hair sucked:

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      I got my perm when I was 16… I would never get one again. Obviously it’s grown out by now… But the reason why I got it was because it was straight! It absolutely destroyed my hair and left it dry, breaking, and just all around gross. During the time I had my perm I had my hair up 90 percent of the time. I hated it! I love my hair post perm… But during it my hair sucked:(

  • Tara Monroe

    I heard about this from my sister, and I have heard about it for a while and i’ve finally decided to try it. I have long hair and it used to always be healthy and shiny. Last summer I had an ombre done on my hair and it’s been soo dry and straw-like since, unless I use a billion products in it. So tonight i’m going to get everything from the store and see how it goes!!!!!

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      I hope it’s gone well for you so far Tara! I have had damaged hair for a while as well. No poo has certainly helped my dead ends and hard-to-grow hair!

  • Erin Leigh Brinkle

    Amanda, I have very fine hair, and I hate how it always looks so flat and lifeless. I definitely plan on trying the no poo to see if it works, but can you suggest anything I can do to give my hair more volume without having to buy products? Thanks!

    • Alexx

      The BS will give your hair LOADS of volume by itself.

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      I agree with Alexx. No poo is going to give you some AWESOME volume! I personally do not know what can naturally give you more though, sorry! I have had pretty good success with using cornstarch on days 4-5. It soaks up the grease and does give me a little lift. :) Feel free to ask the no-poo Facebook group your question! https://www.facebook.com/groups/nopoo/

  • Katrina Mize

    Sounds like a must try. I’ve been trying to grow my hair real long for a couple years but my hair seems to grow super slow. with a lot of dead ends making me have to cut off all my progress.

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      No-poo has fixed my split ends! It’s crazy ridiculous. I have less breakage as well. Obviously this is a plus for trying to grow hair!

  • lee-ann Roberts

    I’m trying this tonight. Wish me luck. I have very thick straight hair and hate waiting for it to grow long.

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      I hope it’s worked well for you so far!

  • Megan Clark

    My hair is colored, I want to do this but I want my color to be preserved. Will the no poo method be okay on my color treated hair? Will the color come out sooner?

    • Amanda Rose Gilbert

      Salon quality and grocery store shampoos strip color more than you know! No-Poo would be perfect for color treated hair. I have color treated hair and it doesnt fade as fast. :)

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      I agree with Amanda. You’ll be fine with your colored hair! There have been so many girls that no-poo with colored hair! I think it really depends on the individual though. I have SUPER porous hair and my dyes tend to slip out of my hair real fast. In my case no-poo is the equivalent of just using regular shampoo on my hair instead of color safe. For others? It works BETTER than regular shampoo and keeps the color in longer!

  • Angela Joy Britt-Braun

    For any of you young women who are still concerned about the no-poo life style, I have been doing it full time for the last 8 years. I am 60 now with thick hair, no dye and very little gray, no perms but natural wave and curl that had been straight as a stick most of my life. I wash my shoulder length hair twice a week, whereas it was a daily ritual my entire life. I highly doubt that age has slowed that process as I do still wage war with oily skin. So take the plunge for a month or so. You may be very pleasantly surprised ;)

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      Thanks for your testimony Angela! I love this! Happy eight years of no-poo! I hope I can have hair like yours someday. :)

      • Beth

        Can I still put mousse in my hair every day??

  • Taylor Ainsworth

    I just tried this today! I was wondering if I was able to use detangler. I have really thick wavy/curly hair and I its gets matted really bad!

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      Ugg! I know how you feel. Make sure you use a wide toothed comb to comb out your hair when it’s wet. You could try a bit of coconut oil or jojoba oil!

  • Shannon

    I have very stick straight hair and was wondering why you say the perm was the best/worst decision…. I’ve thought many times of getting a perm but am scared of frying my hair. its so stick straight and does NOTHING but lay straight. really annoying.

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      Perms murder your hair. While I had it my hair felt gross, dry, dead, and disgusting almost to the point where I couldn’t stand it. I had my hair up in a ponytail 90% of the time due to the fact that it felt so gross. However, I LOVE that it gave me a natural wave! It’s been 8 years since I got it. :)

  • Morgan Beachum

    I read this earlier this morning and I immediately headed off to the store to get some baking soda and vinegar. I can’t wait to see how it will affect my hair.

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      It’s two days in….hows your process so far!?

  • Ree

    Do you still use styling products such as hairspray, gel, mousse, etc. when doing the no shampoo method? Heaven knows I use plenty of those items.

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      Girl, you and me both! I use all of those. When I style my hair curly, you better believe I’ll be using my mousse, diffuser, and hairspray! Thankfully baking soda is strong enough to get product out of your hair. :)

  • christina

    So going to try this. But I have a question? …. I flat iron my hair just about everyday. My hair is short and curly and I HATE it! That’s why I straighten it out, for the length and style. Bc of this my hair doesnt grow at all. Will this help my hair to grow even with my everyday routine for my hair. Right now I really want my hair to grow so I can style it more and get the look I’m going for. Will this process be a waste of my time? Or will this help?

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      It’ll definitely help you gain a better hair health. Because you don’t have to wash your hair every day with no-poo you won’t have to straighten it every day either, so you’ll overall be giving your hair a break. :)

  • Erin McManus

    Just curious how this effects color treated hair, and/or hair prone to flakes?

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      You can equate using no-poo as using regular shampoo after hair dye. It’s not going to sustain the color like color-safe shampoo, but it won’t strip your hair either.

      Actually many people experience flakes when they first start no-poo. It’s the baking soda lifting off product buildup from your scalp. It’s annoying, and took me a month and a half to get rid of it. But now my scalp is squeaky clean!

  • Mrs. Knoll ❤

    I’ve been trying to grow my hair out.. I’ve tried all the natural remedies, and I’ve been using the shampoo and conditioner Mail n’ Tail , which is known for helping hair grow… But no luck so far. :/ Would you say that the no poo helps hair growth?

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      YES! I seriously have the worst luck with hair growth. In the first month or two I could see my hair grow like crazy! It’s still growing pretty good but it’s settled down just a bit. To put it in perspective, I haven’t cut my hair since 2010 and it’s still only down to my chest…and I started growing it at my shoulders. It’s grown 3 inches since no poo! That’s a ton for me!

  • Missy Sarbacher

    Does the baking soda and vinegar eliminate odors? I understand after using it, your hair doesn’t smell like anything- but I live on a dairy farm and am hoping this will eliminate odor, as shampoo would do. So does this eliminate odor like shampoo would?

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      Wow interesting! I’ve never had this question before. Sometimes I like to go out with my husband to the local pub/bar and listen to live music. Of course I’m going to come back smelling like an ashtray, and no poo does a great job getting the smell out!

  • Elizabeth Pratt

    I have tried this for the very first time, today! So far, I like it! It’s has, however, left an apple cider vinegar smell in my hair. Even after blow-drying, I am getting whiffs of the vinegar.is that normal? Or do you think I used to much or left it in too long?

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      I think maybe it didn’t get rinsed out all the way. :) Because it doesn’t feel like conditioner it’s hard to tell when it’s rinsed out all the way. Some people prefer to keep the vinegar in without the rinse for extra conditioning, but I am not a big fan of the conditioner smell myself. :) Just make sure you lift your hair as you rinse to get the vinegar that may have soaked into the under layer!

  • Lisa Baker

    I’m an everyday washer and I decided tonight to try this out.. Do I let it air dry or can I blow dry my hair? Also I color my hair dark and I’m curious to know if this will do anything to the color. My hair won’t fall out right? ;-) it was kind of tangly to brush through but I didn’t add any oils for added softness, should I? Well fingers are crossed! I hope this ends my grease ballness.

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      Hello Lisa! I’m excited you’re giving no poo a shot! Girl, I blow dry my hair. I’m just not patient enough to wait for it to dry. Of course it’s TONS healthier to let it air dry, so if you have time I’d definitely recommend doing that. As far as the dye is concerned, make sure after you dye it you wash out the chemicals with shampoo. One washing won’t kill you. I equate no poo as giving you the same effect of washing your newly colored hair with regular shampoo. It won’t sustain the way that color specific shampoo will. If you are used to using color shampoo you’ll notice a difference. If you usually use regular shampoo anyway, you won’t see a change!

  • Gina Bowling

    I’m curious to try this because my hair takes forever to grow …. how soon did you see results in the growth process?

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      Mine takes forever too! Or used to. :) I saw results in as little to 2-3 weeks. I’m extremely sensitive to my hair growth…especially since it takes so long! I’d highly recommend it!

      • Gina Bowling

        Awesome …I will have to give this a try for sure!! Thanks!!

  • Heather

    I tried this for about 3-4 weeks but I gave up on it=/ my hair is extremely long (past my butt) so I had really greasy roots and really dry ends. I dont think the natural oils could make it to the ends…

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      Wow! Talk about high maintenance! So glad you gave it a shot Heather! :) I would suggest (if you ever wanted to try again) a boar bristle brush. That would help pull the natural oils all the way through your hair. Also using coconut oil on your ends to keep them moisturized.

  • Catheryne

    I have question…I decided to try this method as I would LOVE my hair to grow longer and it seems to have hot a stopping point. I used the BS/WV yesterday and my hair feels amazing! So today when I shower do I just get my hair wet, leave it dry? Well I know when to use the concoctions again or is it just every few days? I have thin, fine hair but a lot of it and its usually really oily the next day. Help?? :)

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      Awesome! Great job starting no-poo! You can leave your hair dry if you want to. The only time i rinse it with water between washings is when I’ve been sweating after a workout or something. You only have to use the bs/vin when your hair feels dirty and you cant stand the greasy feeling any longer. Try to stretch this period out as long as possible! The longer you stretch it out the more your scalp will get used to producing its own oils and maintaining its balance. You can use cornstarch as a great dry shampoo for your greasy days!

  • Audra

    Want to try this but someone told me vinegar strips the color in your hair. I’m a blonde and am wondering will it mess up my highlights ?

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      Girl I lighten my hair. :) I have since I was a16. I haven’t had a problem since february! I did a lightening/toning process in May, and it still looks great (despite the growth).

  • here’s hoping

    Ok so I just tried it (hair actually still wet). I am someone that has to wash my hair everyday. I will wash my hair and go to bed and wake up with greasy hair. I was expecting it to be super hard to comb through but it wasn’t. It is actually “squeaky” clean. Hopefully this does what everyone says and keeps it from feeling icky so fast! Fingers crossed!!

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      Yay! How has it been going for you in the last week?

  • Kaitlyn Nelson

    What about coloring your hair? I like being a dyed red head…will this regime still work with it? Or waht woudl I do different…?

    • Samjb

      I also color my hair red to cover gray. I’ve been using apple cider vinegar as a rinse between shampoo and conditioner for years–it’s the only thing that prevents and cured my patchy dry scalp. I’ve never noticed any stripping of hair color. I’m going to try the baking soda and vinegar no shampoo thing when I run out of shampoo.

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      I agree with @Samjb:disqus! You should be completely fine. I’m part of a no-poo facebook group and I haven’t heard of anyone having problems! :)

  • Devin Cornwell

    Just wondering, I’ve got pink in my hair and I hate it! I’m trying to wash it as much as I can to make it fade but my hair stylist said it could take up to 5 months before it fades. I really want to try this no poo but how will it handle the pink in my hair, help it fade or keep it in there longer?

    • Paige Pugmire

      Some shampoos may be intended to keep the color in your hair longer, but you won’t find those properties in baking soda and vinegar. Also, washing your hair this way helps it grow faster therefor getting the color out more quickly!

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      Hey Devin! One of the greatest things to fade color would be dawn dish soap. I don’t know why, but it does wonders. I’ve had friends that had botched dye jobs and mixed this with their shampoo to get the dye out.

      As far as no-poo goes, you could try redying it a different color with henna. Henna stays in pretty good, and it is natural for your hair.

      Baking soda and vinegar are gentle and won’t strip any color from your hair. I’m part of a facebook group with over 1,000 members, and I haven’t seen a single negative comment about hair dye and no-poo.

      Good luck girl!

  • JaNae Norman

    I am SO going to try this! Thanks so much for all of the tips and the recipe. Also, you mentioned that you permed your hair. What kind of perm did you get? I’ve been thinking about perming my hair because my hair is just so straight I can’t do anything with it. But I’m afraid to try a perm at the same time. Any recommendations would be very appreciated!

    New reader by the way! Love your blog!

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      I got a perm when I was 16. I’d never do it again…it was SOOO drying! I’m not even sure what type I got…I just remember being super excited about it and saying ‘perm please’ at the salon. She used the biggest rollers she had and I was worried that it wouldn’t turn out. I hated my hair during the perm…but since then it’s been great!

      If you’re set on getting one, I know they offer spiral perms and wave perms now…options I wasn’t aware of ten years ago. :)

    • http://www.daisybisley.com/ DaisyBisley

      Hey JaNae,

      I’ve been perming my hair once a year since I was 21 and I’ve found that all the ads that say you need this shampoo or that shampoo to keep your curl are pretty much nonsense. I haven’t tried the “no poo” thing yet, butdefinitely going to. I’ve been using a 97% natural cleanser instead of shampoo, cut back on using combs and using a t shirt to dry my hair instead of a towel, which is all great but I’d rather go without the detergents all together.
      If you do get a perm, take 2 -3 days off from washing just to let it settle. I’ve been told that you dont need to do this, but in my experience it makes for a longer staying curl.

  • tami

    I have heard of this before, so I think Im going to try this. Only question I have is that i like to do hot oil treatments on my hair, just using olive oil. Would you recommend not doing that anymore if I start using the BSV method? Thanks

    • Paige Pugmire

      Not until after your transition period. I did an oil mask in my first week and I had to start over!!!

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      I agree with @paigepugmire:disqus. The thing is, you’re trying to get your scalp to produce it’s own oils…and using a hot oil treatment can confuse it. :) Just let it do it’s thing, and when your hair balances out you’ll be fine!

  • Kaylee Nicole Seyferth

    I’m a swimmer and during swim season I swim 5 out of 7 days and I was wondering what to do on days I swim because of the chlorine I have left in my hair after I swim.

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      From what I’ve heard fully soak your hair with water before you swim. This will help saturate the hair follicle to keep the chlorine out. Now, baking soda and vinegar don’t get the chlorine smell all the way out sometimes…so you can use sulfate, silicon, and paraben free shampoo to help with that.

  • Lauren McElhaney

    I’ve been making a lot of Life-Changes in the last month and a half, and when my shampoo ran out this morning, I decided to finally take the no-poo plunge! That being said, I’m getting everything ready tonight to start the journey in the morning. I’m anxious and excited and SO thankful for blogs like this one to help me ease into it, and know how to handle the coming hurdles. Here’s to no-poo and a healthy life!

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      Wow! Lauren! Way to go! I see this was six days ago…how has your first week been? If you need any help or have any questions, Im here for you!

      • Lauren McElhaney

        My first week went well! I BS+WV’d every 3 days. My hair is generally SUPER oily every morning, regardless of when I washed (with shampoo). The BS+WV made my clean feeling/looking hair last more than 24 hours, so I’m counting that as a victory! Washing every 3 days seemed to work well, but is that a good system? At least to start out with?

        • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

          Yes that’s great! That’s what I started out with. Try to go as long as possible without using the wash. The longer you can stretch in between the washings the more used to the less frequent washings your hair will become. :)

  • Destiny

    I use Mane and Tail shampoo and conditioner, is it bad for your hair too?

    • Paige Pugmire

      Look on the ingredients panel. If you see more ingredients than you have fingers, then most likely yes, ESPECIALLY if they are silicone ingredients, or really any synthetics.

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      I have no idea what ingredients are in Mane and Tail. I would still recommend giving no-poo a try…if it’s not for you I know there are lots of low-poo options! The big favorite seems to be using Shea Moisture. :)

  • Zoe Davis

    Hi Amanda! I am so excited about this, and am going to start tomorrow morning! I have a question about the baking soda: Why do you only put it in the ends of your hair, and not all of it? I guess I just think about washing my hair because the roots are dirty, not the ends. Thanks!

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      You definitely put the baking soda on your ROOTS not your ends. Lol. Did I say something opposite in this post?! I’ll have to look back and read again! :)

      • Zoe Davis

        Oh no you’re right, I read it wrong haha! Thanks! :)

        • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

          I was seriously panicking. Haha! Thank you for clearing that up! I’ve had this post out for a while, and I would be beside myself if I told thousands of people the wrong thing!

          • Zoe Davis

            Oh no haha, sorry to scare you!!!

  • Laurie

    I have been using this method for two weeks now. the first time I did it my hair was very frizzy for the first day and when I woke up the next day it was fine. I have long curly hair and have always had the problem of the longer my hair got the straighter it got. I started using the no poo thing and my hair has gotten curly from tip to tail so to speak. I guess that the shampoo conditioner and moose I put on my long hair actually weighed my hair down not letting it curl. Now my hair feels great. Soft and curly. I have noticed people saying they have a harder time de-tangling their hair when they get out of the shower. I have had the opposite effect. I used to have to use a mousse just to get the come thru my hair. Now I can come it so easily with no added anything. I also have grey hair and have noticed it actually makes it softer not more course. I love this process and will never go back to adding anything else to my hair.

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      Thank you for your success story Laurie! I have noticed my slight curl to be even more awesome after no-poo! I do the same thing with mousse. :) I love hearing about how no poo works!

  • Jamie Lynn Chassé

    I just did this tonight, at first I was REALLY leery, because I think everybody is used to have that bubbly sudsy thing (It definitely messes with my singing in the shower!! lol) Its a little grainy feeling at first, I made the mistake of adding tea tree oil to the water and vinegar mix… oh that was an odd smell!! But anyway, my hair feels so amazing and clean. I usually always let my hair air dry (growing out my pixie cut, so its a little short) but it really feels so clean. I can’t wait to do this again. Also if you don’t know, if you dip your toothbrush in some baking soda & rinse with watered down peroxide, it helps to clean and whiten your teeth. I’ve been doing it for a few months now.
    Thank you so much for this post, I love how cost effective it is along with the benefits!!!

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      Awesome Jamie! I’m glad you’ve had such wonderful results!

  • Elizabeth Lake

    Just bought fresh baking soda to try this!! :) however, I forgot to check what kind of vinegar I had. :( I only have white vinegar at home. I’d like to start this ASAP, but it will be a few days before I’m able to go to the store. Will it still work, or is the white vinegar too acidic?

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      It’ll work! Some people prefer white vinegar. If you notice your hair getting super dry then make the switch to ACV. I use lemon vinegar, because I have yet to find apple cider vinegar in South Korea.

  • Kayla Worrell

    What about after a work out? Hair gets gross during a work out so would you still be good with only washing it every couple of days?

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      Kayla, I work out 5-6 days a week. I have done the Insanity workout for six months (three times in a row) during the past year, and now I’m working on Jillian Michaels’ Ripped in Thirty. If I have a day where my scalp seems to sweat (I don’t really have much of a problem with it usually) I will just rinse it out with water. :) If you feel like your hair needs to be washed…wash it!

  • Kathy Quinlan Kane

    Can I use hairspray?? I really need it or my hair is completely flat!!

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      Um…OF COURSE!!! I can’t live without hairspray. Some girls choose to go completely without any sort of hair product. However, I haven’t gotten to that level of natural beauty. :) I will forever stay attached to my hairspray and mousse.

  • Kathy Quinlan Kane

    Can I use a little hairspray

    • Paige Pugmire

      After your transition period your hair shouldn’t need much product at all but it can be washed out with baking soda and vinegar!

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      Kathy…YES! I love my hairspray. As @paigepugmire:disqus said already…you won’t need as much, but you can sure enough use it. :)

  • Janette

    Do you use it after you color your hair too, or do you use shampoo after coloring?

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      Oh DEFINITELY use shampoo! If you’re at a salon ask for sulfate-free shampoo. 99.9% of salons have it. If you are doing it yourself and don’t have sulfate-free shampoo, go ahead and use the regular. It may set you back a day or two, but your hair will be just fine. Dyes/bleaches have HARSH chemicals in them. Baking soda and vinegar are not strong enough to take them out. You may be risking a chemical burn if you do not use shampoo! Please, please, please rinse your freshly colored hair with shampoo. :) After the initial washing you are free to go back to no-poo.

      • Jackie Burry

        Burts bees also makes a baby shampoo that is like 90% chemical free (I think I can’t remember if its more or slightly less then 90%) I originally bought it for my daughter and then when I read that even my expensive shampoo had sulfates in it which was causing my itchy flaky scalp I switched to the burts bees and it made a huge difference. PLUS it only costs like $10 (canadian) a bottle versus $20 plus a bottle. So if you want to go a chemical free as possible even when you need to use shampoo, this would be a pretty good choice

  • Bianca Garcia

    Hey there! I just read this blog and I am immensely curious about doing this now! I just wanted to know if the first few days of this method, will my hair be frizzy? I live in a very humid climate and my hair often gets frizzy. I don’t use any products in my hair other than shampoo and the occasional conditioner. I also wanted to know if this would work on my mom’s hair? She has the curliest hair ever and is always trying to keep it from frizzing. If this works for us, it would be so amazing. Thanks!

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      Yikes! humidity can do the best of us in! The first few days your hair may feel cottony and soft…and yes a little frizzy. During the transition period and after your curls should be shaping up wonderfully. I have read of ladies that have gone from using product to not having to use ANY and their curls look the best they have ever been! It never hurts to give it a try. :)

      • Bianca Garcia

        Thanks so much! I was also wondering how many times I use the baking soda to wash my hair during the transition period? Do I use it every time my hair becomes greasy?

        • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

          Hold out for as long as you can. The longer you can hold out…the longer your period will be between washings. :) I haven’t washed my hair since Sunday (it’s now Wednesday night) and I dont even have the SLIGHTEST bit of grease in my hair. I’m assuming I’ll have to wash it Saturday morning. :)

          • Bianca Garcia

            Okay sounds good. I’m so used to washing my hair everyday! This is so weird, lol.

            Also, my mom is trying this and she wanted to know how this affects gray hair? Does it make it more coarse and dry?

            • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

              I’m not sure about gray hair. :) I’m pretty sure I have a long way to go before I get to that point! However, my grandmother-in-law has been doing no-poo after I introduced the idea for two months! She had dry hair at first, but then realized she was using baking soda on her ENTIRE head of hair for over a month and a half, and using white vinegar. She has changed to doing the bs correctly (roots only) and using ACV. She loves it!

  • baileem

    I have naturally curly hair and I was wondering if It would ruin my curls. if anyone else has naturally curly hair and has tried this, I would love to receive some feedback on how it went for them!

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      I have wavy/curly hair. After starting no poo my curls have become more defined and not so crazy! In researching I’ve found a TON of success stories from ladies with really curly hair! :) Feel free to join the facebook support group https://www.facebook.com/groups/nopoo/ and check out pictures of girls that are going through the process, or ask questions!

  • Brenna Sweeney

    I tried this but when I got out of the shower it was like I didn’t do anything at all. My hair was still greasy. I was wondering if maybe I have to add more baking soda?? When I tried to squeeze some out but it just felt like water, it didn’t get slimy at all. I also have fine, wavy/curly hair. Would that require a change in the mixture? I would love your advice!

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      Yes Brenna, it sounds like you didn’t have enough BS in your solution. Also, a great tip would be to make sure the water that you mix in with the BS is warm. It helps dilute the Bs better. When it comes out it should be slightly gritty.

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      I currently use 2 TBSP in my bs/water mixture.

  • adrienne

    Biosilk contains alcohol which will strip your hair too! I’d recommend, Organix Argon Moroccan oil, its about 7 bucks, natural, less ingredients. I love it!

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      Hey Adrienne! I’ve since left biosilk and started using coconut oil due to multiple telling me this. YIKES! Thank you for the advice!

      • adrienne

        i love coconut oil too!! NP! love your hair tips btw, Def going to try!

  • SlightlyNotRight

    If your hair is colored will this cause an issue like take the color out and with the coconut oil do you warm it up first to melt it and put it on or use it in its thick form? Thanks :)

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      No. I am part of a facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/nopoo/, and no one has ever dealt with a color stripping issue. Just please be sure if you dye your hair you use shampoo to wash out the chemicals! The baking soda is not strong enough to remove all of them, and you may acquire chemical burns if not washed out properly! I’m sure you’re already aware of this, but I thought I would make sure and tell you anyway. :)

  • ladybears8

    I have super thick, curly, blonde hair and I have eczema on my scalp, Would this help that as well? Because I have to use a special kind of shampoo to help it.

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      To be honest I’m not sure about this one! I’d imagine it would be great for you…using natural products instead of products with chemicals. Feel free to join the facebook No-poo support group and ask. There are over 500 members that actively ask and answer questions, so I’m sure someone could shed light for you! https://www.facebook.com/groups/nopoo/

  • Hannah Selcer

    Do you know of any natural leave-in conditioners? My curly hair gets oily at the roots, but my ends dry out quickly and at times break off!

    • Katie Auth

      There is a professional brand called Deva Curl. All of their products are natural and chemical free. They even have a ‘no poo’ shampoo. Love all the products and yes they have leave in conditioner. Coconut oil is a good alternative too!

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      I agree with Katie on this one! I use coconut oil. It’s amazing for everything! I love putting it on the ends of my hair.

    • Saira Naomi

      Moroccan oil or Macadamia oil treatments are incredible. They are natural and leave your hair feeling amazing. I have bleached and straightened hair, and after a 5 min treatment after shampooing (I use Bed Head blonde shampoo), my hair feels ‘virgin’ again.
      I also recommend Keratin treatments (only the La Braziliana brand) if your hair needs major help – even if your hair is frizzy or curly, keratin treatments restore your hair to a natural state and you don’t need to straighten it – my curls dried straight for a good month before starting to flick again! :)

      • Hannah Selcer

        Thank you!!

      • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

        Thanks for the ideas Saira!

  • Janet Mcclard

    Do you use the whole amount you make or is it supposed to last a while

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      It lasts for about 3-4 washings depending on how thick your hair is. The point is to get the scalp fully saturated with BS and the length of your hair fully saturated with vinegar. :)

  • http://twitter.com/HeartShapeSweat Kristine Parrish

    I need to try this! I have super fine, super thin hair that is totally stick straight, I cringe each morning when I grab the shampoo bottle. I have to wash out the oil/grease that comes overnight but then I know the shampoo is just yuck and weighing it down! My hair is naturally blonde combine that with the texture and the slightest amount of oil makes it look dirty. I’m definitely giving this a try over the weekend! Wish me luck and static free healthier hair!

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      Kristine! I have super fine hair as well. My problem is I have a lot of it…so it appears thick. I completely understand your overnight plight! I’m so excited that you’re going to try ‘no poo’ out. It’s done WONDERS with my hair. I can’t believe I can actually go 3 days without having to put it up in a ponytail! I can also go a few more days after that before it starts looking and feeling greasy.

      I’d also recommend joining the Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/nopoo/ . You’ll get lots of answers to your changing, new, healthy hair!

  • Madi

    Where can you get the oil to make it smell good after? Or I guess what types of oils? Also what if you are working out/running often, can you still go a couple days? Do you have to water wash in between days or just not wash at all?


    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      Great questions Madi! I buy my essential oils (make sure they’re 100%) off of iherb.com. Since I live in South Korea this has been the best and easiest way for me to get these oils! My sister found hers on Amazon. My favorite oils are orange, lavender, and peppermint.
      I actually work out quite often myself! The way that works for my hair best is: if my hair gets super sweaty I’ll rinse it with water. If it’s still pretty dry I’ll keep a shower cap on while I take a shower. The summer months are coming up, and with that comes heat aka. loads of sweat. I’m sure I’ll be doing more water rinsing in the upcoming months.

    • Erin Perry

      Whole Foods has a lot of great essential oils, too, in their health & beauty section!

      • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

        I was wondering if they would, I love Whole Foods! I just wish they had them in Korea. :( When I lived in Oregon I could walk to one three blocks from my house!

  • Michelle

    What if I color my hair? Will it do anything to take out the color?

    • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com/ Amanda

      Hello Michelle! I actually lighten my hair. I haven’t noticed any adverse effects. I am part of a facebook support group (See link below in the comments from Leah), and there are lots of women that dye their hair and do ‘no poo.’ Feel free to join the group and ask questions!

      • Zo

        So when you dye your hair do you shampoo the dye out or use the baking soda and vinegar?

  • http://thediyfrenchie.blogspot.com/ Patricia

    I hadn’t ever heard of this before but I’m intrigued. I’ll have to try it sometime this summer! The only bummer is that baking soda is pretty expensive here (compared the US that is). But I really want to try this!

    The DIY Frenchie

    • http://derikandamandagrove.wordpress.com derikandamanda

      It makes me excited to tell you…try http://www.iherb.com! I get 99.9% of my EVERYTHING off of there, and shipping is super cheap and fast (even though they say 2-3 weeks, it’s like 5 days). I just looked, and baking soda is 3 dollars. You can find a little bit of anything and everything on there…let me know what you think!

  • http://thatbackpacker.com thatbackpacker

    I’ve cut down on my shampoo usage. I started noticing that my hair looked and felt nicer when I hadn’t washed in a couple of days (who knew?!), so now I only shampoo my hair every 5 days or so. I may need to try this baking soda and vinegar thing….

    • http://derikandamandagrove.wordpress.com derikandamanda

      It would probably be pretty easy for you to transition into using the bs/vin method then! I would highly recommend it. I swear my hair has already grown almost an inch as well. Weird.

  • http://somethingforsunday.wordpress.com jlgabel

    Hi Amanda ~ great timing with this post. I’m spending a few weeks in the States and feel like I finally have the time to try out homemade hair and skin care. I used the same combination for shampoo and conditioner that you suggest about three days before you posted this. And I already love it too, though I agree that the non-slip feeling at the end of the shower is going to take some getting used to.

    Also, would love to know which oils you like. Bergamot is a spectacular everyday oil that’s especially good for winter blues ^^

    • http://derikandamandagrove.wordpress.com derikandamanda

      Thanks for reading! It’s funny how many people that have brought their ‘no shampoo’ habits to light after reading this post! I love it!

      I am still a beginner…testing things out. :) I haven’t experimented much with oils yet…but for detangling purposes on my curly hair I like to use a little biosilk. I think my next purchase after Im finished with my bottle with be Argan oil? Someone recommended it to me, and it looks like a great product!

      I’ve noticed I’ve not had to use as much oil this week as I did the last. I think my ‘natural’ oils are starting to sink in.

      I do however have some essential oils in the mail for smell good purposes. I bought lavender and vanilla/orange. Yum!

      Keep me up to date on your progress! Im googling Bergamot oil right now…just to see what’s up with it! Thanks for the suggestion. :) Good luck on your ‘no poo’ process!

  • http://www.coderedhat.com/ Leah @CodeRedHat

    Thanks so much for the “props” on my No Poo article, and for sharing No Poo with your readers. The more women who try it (and stick with it) will find the holy grail of hair care they’ve been looking for. :) Thanks again for sharing. I invite you and your readers to join the No Poo / Low Poo hair care group on facebook where we all come together to support each other during our No Poo journey. http://www.facebook.com/groups/nopoo/

    • http://derikandamandagrove.wordpress.com derikandamanda

      Wow Leah, thanks for dropping in! I feel a bit nervous that you read my post, when yours is written SOOO WELL! Whenever someone asks me specifics I always send them to you, because you answer any and all questions. :) I love it! And I’m definitely going to check out the facebook group! Thank you so much for that. Have a great week!

      • http://coderedhat.com/no-poo-recipe-aloe-honey/ Leah @CodeRedHat

        Awe, shucks (blush) Thanks! Your hair looks GREAT by the way!

  • http://StillTimes.wordpress.com Still Times

    So, I clicked on the Like button because I love what you write. This article however leaves me thinking, “eww”, ha ha. I’m curious enough though that I’m gonna have to do a little research. Hmm… one of my daughters has hair down to her waist and the other down half her back. I wonder how horrible the tangles would be. Food for thought… Hope all is well. Thanks for sharing!


    • http://derikandamandagrove.wordpress.com derikandamanda

      Dont worry Maria, I felt the EXACT same way when I first heard about it! But then again, I had actual proof standing right in front of me (with the most gorgeous hair might I add)…so I know this works!

      As far as the knot thing…my hair is longish…and curly! I barely brush it normally, so when I did the first ‘washing’ it was quite a tangled mess. But I was able to lightly brush it…then finish the rest of the untangling after I blow-dried it. It actually was quite silky and smooth and untangled mostly by itself!

      This method isn’t for everyone, I’m well aware of that. :) I was originally quite iffy about it myself. Took me 2 1/2 years to work up the guts to do it!

  • http://sunshine2thesquareinch.blogspot.kr/ Beka

    I love this! I’ve heard about using baking soda and I’m for sure going to try it! My friend also suggested boiling some mint leaves in water and adding that to your vinegar mix. =)

    • http://derikandamandagrove.wordpress.com derikandamanda

      Oh really? Wow that’s a good idea-Thanks Beka! Let me know how it works for you!!!